Offering a versatile choice of hosting solutions, here at 4UDC
we believe there is a relevant approach for every aspect of your IT infrastructure. Between either Cloud or Managed Hosting, we will find a solution to boost your business’s potential
to incredible levels.


Giving you the opportunity to organise your business in a first class manor.

Hosting your infrastructure in the cloud allows you to concentrate on doing what you do best – running your business. Using cloud technology we are able to provide a fast resilient architecture for a fraction of the cost of you building your own. It also gives you the option of expanding or contracting your infrastructure to suit your business plans on demand.

Adaption and Flexibility – Adjusting your infrastructure couldn’t be easier. There’s no need to upgrade any hardware, the cloud software takes care of itself. From large expansions to tiny adjustments, your business will be moulded into a perfect size, when and if it needs to.

Economical – We provide the
infrastructure and software to control
every platform. No need for human involvement, you’ll save money on both management services and hardware.
We provide a service that gives you
complete control over your IT expenditure,
without the need for upgrades or repair

Unrivalled Dependability – With two other data centres in close proximity, we can assure that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum as the software sufficiently resolves any problems. With your data being backed up several times, it can be accessed on demand in a matter of minutes.

No Worries! – Our cloud solutions will
take care of everything, leaving you with
a peace of mind. Your staff can focus
on what they do best, whilst we’ll
ensure everything is ticking over
on our end.


we guarantee there’ll be one to match your needs:


The ideal solution for multiple access points, opening your server’s availability to the general public.


For a more private approach, choose our exceptional private cloud service, an infrastructure dedicated solely to a single organisation.


Can’t decide?
Our hybridcloud server
is a complementary
pairing of the two.


Personalised Hosting Solutions to meet your every need.

Our reliable data centres act as a perfect environment for all of your hosting needs. The versatility behind our hardware allows our clients to choose from unrivalled packages,
in unparalleled facilities. We will exceed your expectations of both service and support here at 4U Data Centres, and with our managed hosting, you’re guaranteed
to have our utmost attention.

Dependability and Consistency: Your business is in safe hands. Through our outstanding data centres and fast restore backup servers, down time is a thing of the past. We can ensure that your critical data will be monitored and serviced in regular intervals as our elite support team take care of things, so you don’t have to.

Growth: We’re with you every step
of the way. Whether you’re looking
to increase or decrease the size of
your hosting, we’re able to adapt
when and if needed. This eliminates
any time consuming activity through
your servers, as we mould to the
shape of your businesses growth.

Cost Effective: We will take care of the management and servicing of any data or business structure in our state-of-the-art data centres, which saves you both time and money. Managing your own servers can be risky and expensive, so with our competitively priced packages you won’t need to worry about a thing.

Keep your Focus: 4U Data Centres,
will monitor your systems through
thick and thin. We absolutely ensure
that any issues will be met with
the best knowledge and guidance
so you can relax and get on with
running your business.